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tl;dr: If you want to be sure your application will be displayed with the correct icon under different Wayland compositors make sure that your GApplication (or GtkApplication) uses


on GTK+3. On GTK+4 this is handled for you.

Details: While working on touch based window switching for the Librem5 I noticed that lots of the GNOME application did not end up with a proper icon when using g_desktop_app_info_new (desktop_id). The desktop_id is determined from the Wayland xdg surface's app_id as specified by in Wayland's xdg-shell protocol.

The protocol says:

The compositor shell will try to group application surfaces together
by their app ID. As a best practice, it is suggested to select app
ID's that match the basename of the application's .desktop file.
For example, "org.freedesktop.FooViewer" where the .desktop file is

It's even more explicit about the relation of the app_id to the D-Bus service name:

For D-Bus activatable applications, the app ID is used as the D-Bus
service name.

So why does this currently fail? It's because GTK+3 historically uses g_get_prgname() to set the app_id and this defaults to application's basename. But what we rather want is

g_application_id == D-Bus service name == $(basename desktop_file_path .desktop) == xdg app_id

There were patches by Jonas Ådahl to fix this but those were partially reverted since it broke existing applications. Now with GTK+4 around the corner we can fix this. See the migration docs.

This will also allow us to get rid of all the rename-desktop-file in the flatpak manifests too.

(The reason why this currently works in gnome-shell is because there's a private protocoll between GTK+ and GNOME Shell that (among other things) works around this).

Update: to check what app_id Wayland is seeing use:

WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 your_program |& grep 'xdg_toplevel@[0-9]\+\.set_app_id'
Posted Di 28 Aug 2018 22:13:52 CEST

Last month we tagged the first release of libhandy, a GTK+ library to ease the development of GNOME applications for mobile devices and small screens. Two of the contained widgets, HdyLeaflet and HdyColumn, are containers to address the specific size constraints of phones (video by Adrien). The rest are special purpose widgets, needed more than once on mobile devices, e.g. a Keypad (video).

This time around for the v0.0.2 release we mostly have bugfixes. From the Debian package's changelog:

[ Adrien Plazas ]
* dialer: Make the grid visible and forbid show all.
* example: Drop usage of show_all()
* dialer: Add column-spacing and row-spacing props.
* example: Change the grid's spacing and minimum size request.
* flatpak: Allow access to the dconf config dir.
* Replace phone-dial-symbolic by call-start-symbolic.
* column: Fix height for width request.

[ Guido Günther ]
* Use source.puri.sm instead of code.puri.sm.
* Add AUTHORS file
* gitlab-ci: Build on Debian buster using provided build-deps.
* arrows: test object construction
* Multiple gtk-doc fixes
* docs: Abort on warnings.
* DialerButton: free letters

The Debian package was uploaded to Debian's NEW queue.

Posted Di 24 Jul 2018 11:32:04 CEST

After some time in the experimental distribution I've uploaded git-buildpackage 0.9.0 to sid a couple of weeks ago and were now at 0.9.2 as of today. This brought in two new commands:

  • gbp export-orig to regenerate tarballs based on the current version in debian/changelog. This was always possible by using gbp buildpackage and ignoring the build result e.g. gbp buildpackage --git-builder=/bin/true … but having a separate command is much more straight forward.

  • gbp push to push everything related to the current version in debian/changelog: debian-tag, debian-branch, upstream-branch, upstream-tag, pristine-tar branch. This could already be achieved by a posttag hook but having it separate is again more straight forward and reduces the numer of knobs one has to tweak.

We moved to better supported tools:

  • Switch to Python3 from Python2
  • Switch from epydoc to pydoctor
  • Finally switch from Docbook SGML to Docbook XML (we ultimately want to switch to Sphinx at one point but this will be much simpler now).

We added integration with pk4:

 mkdir -p ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/unpack/
 ln -s /usr/share/pk4/hooks-available/unpack/gbp ~/.config/pk4/hooks-enabled/unpack/

so pk4 invokes gbp import-dsc on package import.

There were lots of improvements all over the place like gbp pq now importing the patch queue on switch (if it's not already there) and gbp import-dsc and import-orig not creating pointless master branches if debian-branch != 'master'. And after being broken in the early 0.9.x cycle gbp buildpackage --git-overlay ... should be much better supported now that we have proper tests.

All in all 26 bugs fixed. Thanks to everybody who contributed bug reports and fixes.

Posted Fr 10 Nov 2017 12:26:10 CET

Debian LTS

April marked the 24th month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I had 8 hours allocated plus 4 hours left from March which I used by:

  • releasing DLA-881-1 for ejabberd. The actual package was prepared by Philipp Huebner fixing two CVEs
  • preparing and releasing DLA-896-1 for icedove. This update involved the debranding of Icedove back to Thunderbird fixing 17 CVEs
  • preparing and releasing DLA-895-1 of openoffice.org-dictionaries so the provided dictionaries stay installable with the new thunderbird package
  • preparing and releasing DLA-903-1 of hunspell-en-us so the provided dictionary stays intallable with the new thunderbird package
  • preparing and releasing DLA-904-1 of uzbek-wordlist so the provided dictionaries stay installable with the new thunderbird package
  • handling the communication with credativ regarding XSA-212
  • triaging of several QEMU/KVM CVEs
  • backporting large amounts of the cirrus_vga driver to Wheezy's qemu-kvm to fix 3 cirrus_vga related CVEs. The DLA is not released yet since I'm awaiting some more feedback about the test packages. Give them a try!
  • Looking into the 9pfs related CVEs in qemu-kvm. Work will be resumed in May.

Other Debian stuff

  • organized the 10th installment of the Debian Groupware Meeting. A more detailed report on this is pending.
  • uploaded osinfo-db 0.20170225-2 to unstable which builds now reproducibly (thanks Chris Lamb) and has support added for the Stretch RC3 installer
  • uploaded libvirt 1.2.9-9+deb8u4 to jessie which now works with newer QEMU (thanks Hilko Bengen)
  • uploaded libvirt 3.0.0-4 to unstable unbreaking it for architectures that don't support probing CPU definitions in QEMU (like mips) and unbreaking the use of qemu-bridge-helper with apparmor so gnome-boxes works apparmored now too
  • uploaded python-vobject to experimental. The package was prepared by Jelmer Vernooij. I made some minor cleaups and added a autopkgtest.
  • uploaded hunspell-en-us, uzbek-wordlist, openoffice.org-dictionaries to jessie-security to not conflict with the new thunderbird package (see above)
  • sponsored the upload of icedove 1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1 to jessie-security.
  • sponsored the upload of python-selenium 2.53.2+dfsg1-2 to experimental


Released versions 0.8.14 and 0.8.15. Notable changes besides bug fixes:

  • gbp buildpackage will now default to --merge-mode=replace for 3.0 (quilt) packages to avoid merges where no merge is necessary.
  • gbp buildpackage --git-export=WC now implies --git-ignore-new --git-ignore-branch to make it simpler to use
  • gbp buildpackge now has a "sloppy" mode to create a upstream tarball that uses the debian branch as base. This can help to test build from a patched tree. The main reason was to give people a way to not care about 3.0 (quilt) intrinsics when getting started with packaging.
  • gbp clone now supports vcsgit: and github: pseudo URLs:

    $ gbp clone vcsgit:libvirt
    gbp:info: Cloning from 'https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-libvirt/libvirt.git'
    $ gbp clone github:agx/libvirt-debian
    gbp:info: Cloning from 'https://github.com/agx/libvirt-debian.git'

The versions are also available on pypi.

Posted Do 04 Mai 2017 15:42:29 CEST

Debian LTS

February marked the 22nd month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I had 8 hours allocated which I used by:

  • the 2nd half of a LTS frontdesk week
  • an update to lts-cve-triage.py so we don't ignore undetermined issues anymore
  • testing the bind9 update prepared by Thorsten Alteholz
  • testing of apache2 packages prepared by Jonas Meurer and Antoine Beaupré
  • triaging of QEMU CVEs and fixing most if them resulting in DLA-842-1

Other Debian stuff

  • libvirt and gtk-vnc uploads to fix CVEs in unstable and stretch
  • A git-buildpackage upload to unstable to unbreak importing large histories with import-dsc
  • Some CSS improvements for git-buildpackage to (hopefully) make the manual easier to read.

Some other Free Software activities

Nothing exciting, just some minor fixes at several places:

Posted Do 02 Mär 2017 11:15:22 CET

Debian LTS

November marked the 21st month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I had 8 hours allocated which I used for:

  • the first half of a LTS front desk week
  • updating icedove 45.6.0 resulting in DLA-782-1 fixing 8 CVEs
  • releasing DLA-783-1 for XEN, the actual update was provided by credativ
  • testing the bind9 update prepared by Thorsten Alteholz
  • fixing 8 CVEs in imagemagick resulting in DLA-807-1.
  • work on recent qemu CVEs

Other Debian stuff

  • Usual bunch of libvirt and related uploads
  • Uploaded git-buildpackage 0.8.10 to to experimental and unstable fixing (among other things) a long standing bug when using multiple tarballs with filters and pristine-tar as well as making generated orig tarballs reproducible so one gets identical tarballs even without pristine-tar.
  • Ran a gbp import-dsc of unstable and filed bugs for cases where pristine-tar would not import the package. Started to look into git-apply errors.

Some other Free Software activites

  • libplanfahr: switched the example to python3 and made it parse arguments without date as "today":

    $ ./run python examples/trip-query.py --when=21:00 Essen Gelsenkirchen
    Loaded provider de_db
    Start: Essen Hbf
    End: Gelsenkirchen Hbf
    Trip #1
           Start:     Essen Hbf
           Departure: 2017-02-02 21:18
           Delay:     0
           End:       Gelsenkirchen Hbf
           Arrival:   2017-02-02 21:26
           Delay:     0
           Switches:  0
    Trip #2
           Start:     Essen Hbf
           Departure: 2017-02-02 21:22
           Delay:     0
           End:       Gelsenkirchen Hbf
           Arrival:   2017-02-02 21:33
           Delay:     0
           Switches:  0
    Trip #3
           Start:     Essen Hbf
           Departure: 2017-02-02 21:44
           Delay:     0
           End:       Gelsenkirchen Hbf
           Arrival:   2017-02-02 21:52
           Delay:     0
           Switches:  0
  • Proposed a workaround to rbvmomi to massively speedup cloning under certain conditions when using CachedOVFDeployer

  • Proposed a fix to unbreak ansible's zypper module on first installations
  • Made ausroller use git-buildpackage from pypi on non Debian based distros
  • Made further progess on the Merkur board clones
Posted Do 02 Feb 2017 17:48:57 CET

Debian LTS

November marked the 20th month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I had 8 hours allocated which I used by:

  • some rather quiet frontdesk days
  • updating icedove to 45.5.1 resulting in DLA-752-1 fixing 7 CVEs
  • looking whether Wheezy is affected by xsa-202, xsa-203, xsa-204 and handling the communication with credativ for these (update not yet released)
  • Assessing cURL/libcURL CVE-2016-9586
  • Assessing whether Wheezy's QEMU is affeced by security issues in 9pfs "proxy" and "handle" code
  • Releasing DLA-776-1 for samba fixing CVE-2016-2125

Other Debian stuff

Some other Free Software activites

Posted Mo 09 Jan 2017 09:24:01 CET

Debian LTS

November marked the nineteenth month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I had 7 hours allocated which I used completely by:

  • Being at LTS frontdesk twice (at the beginning and end of November) triaging about ~30 CVEs.
  • Preparing and releasing DLA-698-1 for QEMU fixing 9 CVEs
  • Putting out DLA-699-1 for xen, the acutal xen update was prepared by Bastian Blank

Other Debian stuff

  • Usual bunch of libvirt and related uploads (osinfo-db-tools, libvirt-python, libosinfo)
  • Sponsored svn2git upload
  • Uploaded git-buildpackage 0.8.7 to unstable (list of changes)

Some other Free Software activites

Posted Fr 09 Dez 2016 15:18:59 CET

Debian LTS

October marked the eighteenth month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I spent 10 hours (out of allocated 9)

  • updating Icedove to 45.4 resulting in DLA-658-1
  • looking into current xen issues and handling the communication with credativ
  • investigating QEMU CVE-2016-7466 in Wheezy and Jessie
  • backporting patches for qemu-kvm to fix 9 CVEs resulting in DLA-689-1
  • starting with lts frontdesk (more on that next month)

Other Debian stuff

  • Carsten and myself had the chance to talk at the Kopano conference about Debian and the state of Kopano in Debian (slides)
  • Uploaded kopanocore to unstable, currently waiting in new
  • Several Libvirt and Libvirt (2.3.0, 2.4.0~rc*) related uploads (libvirt 2.3.0, libvirt-python, ruby-libvirt 0.7.0)
  • Uploaded libosinfo 1.0.0 to experimental. This version has the osinfo database split out into its own source package (osinfo-db, waiting in new) so the operating system and hypervisor information is updateable during a stable release without having to update the library itself

Some other Free Software activities

Posted Do 03 Nov 2016 19:09:03 CET

Debian LTS

September marked the seventeenth month I contributed to Debian LTS under the Freexian umbrella. I spent 6 hours (out of 7) working on

  • updating Icedove to 45.3 resulting in DLA-640-1
  • finishing my work on bringing rails into shape security wise resulting in DLA-641-1 for ruby-activesupport-3.2 and DLA-642-1 for ruby-activerecord-3.2.
  • enhancing the autopkgtests for qemu a bit

Other Debian stuff

  • Uploaded libvirt 2.3.0~rc1 to experimental
  • Uploaded whatmaps to 0.0.12 in unstable.
  • Uploaded git-buildpackage 0.8.4 to unstable.

Other Free Software activities

  • Ansible: got the foreman callback plugin needed for foreman_ansible merged upstream.
  • Made several improvements to foreman_ansible_inventory (a ansible dynamic inventory querying Foreman): Fixing an endless loop when Foreman would miscalculate the number of hosts to process, flake8 cleaniness and some work on python3 support
  • ansible-module-foreman:
    • unbreak defining subnets by setting the default boot mode.
    • add support for configuring realms
  • Foreman: add some robustness to the nice rebuild host feature when DNS entries are already there
  • Released whatmaps 0.0.12.
    • Errors related to a single package don't abort the whole program but rather skip over it now.
    • Systemd user sessions are filtered out
    • The codebase is now checked with flake8.
Posted So 09 Okt 2016 16:59:37 CEST